Why Sycura?

Sycura offers failsafe, user-friendly IT services with personal approach, ensuring you have absolute peace of mind.  Sycura is a dedicated division within Sycura specialising in the commercial sector.  With over 15 years of industry experience working with a wide range of commercial sector clients,  Sycura understand the commercial sector and its IT demands.  Sycura have extensive experience and expertise.  We offer:

sycura_swirl Personal Service
sycura_swirl Reliability
sycura_swirl Security
sycura_swirl Honesty
sycura_swirl Clear Communication
sycura_swirl Expert Advice

Not everybody understands the finer details of IT, nor do some want to. At Sycura, we ensure we keep things simple for our clients, avoiding jargon in an easy to understand way.

With Sycura providing your IT support, you have an efficient, reliable and consistent IT environment, delivering our highly professional services with a personal approach; at Sycura, our clients’ needs come first!

As authorised and certified Microsoft Partners and Small Business Specialists, Sycura have all the expertise and resources to keep your IT infrastructure effective.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our engineers work in-house, we don’t use call centres and we don’t outsource in the UK or abroad.

We believe in being up-front, realistic and logical.  We believe in giving you the very best in service, combining your objectives with realistic timelines and deliverables.  We give our clients options, explaining them in a way they can understand, and letting them make ‘intelligent and informed’ decisions to improve their IT infrastructure.


Securing your data, Securing your practice

Secure data protection and security is integral to any organisation and should be treated as a key asset within your practice. Sycura understands the importance of safe and reliable data protection solutions.

Sycura provides a range of data protection solutions to address these needs by analysing your particular vulnerabilities and making provision for tackling the key pillars of data protection and security.

Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) are essential in the event of any IT failure to ensure your organisation can get back up and running as quickly as possible. Sycura can document a DRP for your organisation to include all elements of your IT infrastructure.


Making the right choices for your practice

There are a considerable number of choices in the IT market today. We have partnered with some of the world’s leading brands to give you security, value and service.

We help you select the right hardware and/or software solution for your practice – of course, if you already have a preference, you can tap into our buying power, experience, support and unprecedented level of customer care.

And of course, we supply and install and support the leading Legal software solutions.

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Switching to Sycura is EASY

Switching to Sycura is easy – whether you have an existing IT solutions provider or whether you are engaging an IT Support company for the first time, our team will walk you through the process, to ensure the transition is problem free.  With our state-of-the-art in-house technology, we are able to take over almost any IT infrastructure, roll-out our pro-active maintenance monitoring systems and have total management within 24hrs of switching, with little or no disruption.  This means we could be looking after your organisation’s IT requirements and giving you Sycura care almost immediately.


Sycura believe in going that extra mile to make your IT environment as smooth running and cost-effective as possible.