Proactive IT

Why a Proactive Service is Important ?

At Sycura we like to keep on top of things. From a support standpoint, we perform crucial checks to ensure your systems are well protected, running at optimum efficiency and are running as efficiently as possible. This approach reduces the number and severity of issues experienced by your organisation. From a business standpoint, we engage with all our clients to keep them informed of the latest technology available to them and what we recommend would benefit them the most, keeping you informed, educated and proactive yourself in protecting your business.


Proactive Protection


We believe the best way of protecting your IT infrastructure is to ensure threats are stopped before they reach you. This is why we partner with leading software providers who provide state of the art solutions. These prevent malware, spam, block inappropriate content, prevent misuse and guarantee email privacy and security.

All of this adds a protective wall around your organisation, isolating threats before they have a chance to infiltrate your infrastructure or compromise your data security.


Proactive Advice


At Sycura, we don’t just wait for you to call us with support issues.  There is a great deal more to providing IT service than support for when things do go wrong.

We are constantly researching the latest technology to enable your organisation to get the most from its IT. If there is a product or service which could provide a good “Return on Investment”, we will suggest it and explain how it could help your organisation. This is not just about using the latest technology, but understanding the benefits it could bring.

And, we love gadgets, so it’s not just Hardware and Software, but mobile devices and entertainment systems too!

Proactive Monitoring


Our server monitoring tools analyse every area of your server environment. If an issue is detected, it is flagged on our status boards, logged in our helpdesk, and an email is immediately sent to our technical support team for speedy resolution.  Furthermore, we are able to provide asset management, data reports and inventory reports, ensuring you are kept in control of your IT.



Proactive Planning


However well protected you are as an organisation, it is always a good idea to have a plan in the event of an unexpected disaster. Should this happen, Sycura ensure there is a simple but comprehensive business continuation plan in place to get your organisation back on its feet again as quickly as possible.  And if you require a Disaster Recovery Plan, this is another service available to you and compiled by our IT specialists.  This is a something that everyone can follow and highlights how, from an IT perspective, key members of the organisation can be up and running with access to data in the shortest time possible. This plan is different for every organisation, but follows a framework of best practices.

Key parts of the plan include:

• Who is responsible for and in what order recovery tasks are undertaken.

• How the system will be restored.

• Resources, Hardware and Software required to complete the business restoration.

• What temporary measures may be required in order to continue trading as normally as possible.