IT Support Services

SycuraLegal offers high quality IT support services to the legal sector.

IT support is a key part of our business and a major requirement for the smooth running of any small to medium enterprise. We’re passionate about providing high-level information technology support services so you can enjoy total peace of mind.
Our goal is to differentiate ourselves from other IT support companies by keeping things understandable and transparent, providing our clients with total freedom, flexibility and peace of mind.

sycura_swirl We respond quickly to technical requests and endeavour to resolve them as soon as possible.
sycura_swirl We offer experienced and professional IT services, so you can focus on your business while we focus on yours.
sycura_swirl We don’t use call centres or outsource in the UK or further afield, so you can rest assured of receiving a guaranteed, high-quality local service.
sycura_swirl We only provide highly qualified, polite and well-presented support specialists to respond to your support requests.
sycura_swirl We support Mac and PC.


Response Times and SLAs

Sycura provide IT support as urgently as is required, depending on the nature of the problem, its IT vulnerability and its effect on your organisation.  Our response times are fast and every call is aimed to be acknowledged within 1hr of it being raised, often with it being resolved at the same time.  We have found the most effective and profitable way of solving problems for clients is doing it quickly and accurately, ensuring you don’t get tied up dealing with ongoing IT problems which interfere with your working day.


Our Helpdesk

Our IT support helpdesk is based at our Head Office in Stanmore (North London), where we believe communication is of utmost importance. Every time a client makes a technical call whether by telephone or email, it is logged in our IT helpdesk.  We keep records of dates, contacts, problems reported, how it was dealt with and its on-going status and resolution, for easy review, analysis and evaluation.


Our State-of-the-Art Systems

At SycuraLegal, we have utilise the latest in technology to support our clients.  We have a fully-featured technical helpdesk, CRM system with integrated alert management, asset management and server monitoring, as well as integrated remote support tools.  We run a very disciplined environment, to provide our clients with fast and effective solutions to their IT problems.

Our People

We take time to recruit the very best IT support specialists, to ensure they have experience, expertise and knowledge.  This is very much a ‘people’ business, and ensuring we have the right people to support you is paramount to the success of our Company and having the tools to support your organisation .  Our support specialists are IT professionals with a diverse knowledge of hardware and software, with specialism in a variety of areas.  We don’t sub-contract engineers nor outsource.  Our people are based at our office in Stanmore, North London and we pride ourselves with excellence, friendliness and attention to detail.


We have a range of Support products to suit all organisations with 3 main packages.  However, we can also tailor a package to suit your requirement should one of our standard packages not be suitable or appropriate to your organisation.  We can also add bolt-ons including Cloud support, 24×7 Mission Critical support and Mobile Device support.

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This level is designed for organisations requiring a basic level of support, but still the quality service Sycura offer. At any time you can move up to a higher level, or we will do so for you automatically as soon as it becomes more cost effective.

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Our middle tier package gives you a high level of support plus allows access to all our enhanced service options and monitoring. This gives you a very cost effective, quality service that matches your higher demand for maintenance and on-site support.

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Our most popular and package features a fully inclusive support service which works out to be the best value for a typical organisation. You benefit from a high level of support plus 24/7 monitoring, disaster recovery and proactive service.

Sycura Freedom

And if you are looking for something totally flexibility without an annual contract, SycuraFREEDOM is a simple monthly Pay-As-You-Go option with no contract or no tie-in.  Contact us for more information.


To find out more, visit our Support Features page.