Join our affiliate scheme and watch your costs tumble

Most of our business comes from personal recommendation and word of mouth. Because of this, we ensure our clients easily benefit when they refer us. Our affiliate scheme is a great way of reducing your overall IT costs.

You can benefit from up to 20% of the value of your referral’s support contract. This may seem generous in itself, but with our scheme, it is not just for the first year, but for every year the prospect is a client of Sycura.

Sycura works with a number of high-quality, approved commercial and technology affiliates.  Affiliates are able to work alongside Sycura to resell services and support to their clients in return for great rewards.

sycura_swirl Resell Support and a full scope of Services
sycura_swirl Great Rewards and Commission
sycura_swirl Utilise Sycura’s In-House Resources
sycura_swirl Full portfolio of IT Services available
sycura_swirl Extensive Expertise & Knowledge
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Sycura offer up to 20% return year on year in commission to affiliates, so long as the client has an active support contract. So, with just 5 referrals, the affiliate scheme could pay for your own organisation’s IT Support.

To find out more about becoming an affiliate, please Contact Us